Story: Hsu-nami self-titled new album’s seven year journey

Hi Hsu-nami Fans!
We would like to announce that the self-titled Hsu-nami album is finally released today! you can support us artists by buying the digital album on iTunes, CDbaby and you can also stream it on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and all the streaming services that’s out there.
I would like to thank everybody that made this album possible.
 For this album, our guitarist Brent Övar Bergholm written most of the song’s chord and song structures, then the rest of the band help to write the melody and arrange their parts based off his ideas to make the song “Hsu-nami-fied”. The two songs that brought to the band that were written by different members were Jack Hsu’s orchestral masterpiece “Reincarnation” (original title “Mr. Hsu’s Opus”) and Derril Sellers’s long epic musicscape “Entropy” which really made the pace and the flow of the album really diverse.

Here’s the story of how the album is made:

After our 2nd album “The Four Noble Truths” in 2009, we spending weekends going to Jack Hsu‘s home studio in Palisades Park, NJ practicing, writing songs by putting musical sections together, adding different parts and recording them live and repeat, until the song’s structure reaches perfection. After three years, we finally have full length album of material all written and ready to record.
We started full production with our Bass player Derril Sellers on duty as the recording engineer. By early 2013 we set up shop at Hsu-nami drummer, John Manna‘s house in Warren, NJ, setting up drums in his huge high ceiling living room to record the drums. (that room sounds amazing for drum recordings!)
With Derril and everyone’s help, John finish all the drums parts in august that year. Brent Bergholm then start working on recording his guitar parts which he finish most of the guitars recordings in march of 2014. After finishing recording Derril’s Bass and Dana Sellers‘s Keyboard parts at the end of 2014, Jack started working on recording and writing Erhu parts in his in his home studio, the recording process for the Erhu and his violin part is an strenuous one. Jack spend numerous weekends just to write and record on each song until he’s 100 percent happy with the result. and at beginning of 2014 to mid of 2015 Jack finally finish recording all the Erhu and violin parts.
There seems to be still some songs that need to add little more touches and flavors. So for the good parts of 2015 Jack invited many amazing and talented musicians based in New York city to add small touches to this album. He found talented Pipa musician , Sylvia Jiaju Shen, Shakuhachi (Japanese flute)
player Kaoru Watanabe, Shamisen (Japanese Guitar) player/vocalist Sumie Kaneko to add more color and different feels to a few of the tracks. and finally, with producer/arranger Andrés Marín, to add an entire string orchestral arrangement to one of the tracks. Jack were able to mix strings with the live recordings of him on the Violin, Andy Lin on the Viola, and Hwa-Chow Oliver Hsu on the Cello for the track “Reincarnation”.
That all finish at december of 2015, now we came to 2016, seven years later. Derril and the rest of the band came together to finally finish the last mix and master of the 10 track album. With our friend Chairman’s Label in Taiwan, we were able to distribute physical CD of our album in Taiwan for the June 30th release.
That was our seven year long process for this album, we are really grateful for this journey of putting this album together. Hopefully our fans doesn’t abandon us after seven years of silence and can appreciate what we did here with our hard work.
We really thank you for your patience. and we hope you enjoy our new music!
-The Hsu-nami

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