The Hsu-nami new album worldwide release date is set!

On June 30th 2016, We excited to announce that we are releasing our 3rd full length concept album, the self-titled “Hsu-Nami” LP attempts to capture the signature live energy attributed with Hsu-Nami shows. The album comes 7 years after their previous release “The Four Noble Truths (2009)“, and was meticulously crafted by talented collaborating performers and arrangers.

Often been compared to be the Trans Siberian Orchestra of Asia. The Hsu-nami, an instrumental folk metal band utilizes Chinese traditional fiddle “Erhu” in metal and progressive rock genre of music.

The album features many talented guest musicians and arrangers based in New York city. With instruments such as Pipa, (Chinese Plucking instrument) Shamisen, (Japanese Guitar) Shakuhachi (Japanese flute) and an entire live orchestra recording feature in the album, It is a true exceptional sound that can’t be missed.

The album will be released physical CD exclusively in Taiwan, everywhere else will be digital copies and the music will also be available on Spotify, Apple Music etc.


-The Hsu-nami Team

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